Wednesday, September 23, 2009

School pictures and headshots

Thank you all for your interest in my back to school special! I think I had a great turn out! The special ends on September 30th so hurry up and book your session!

While I was editing my photos, I came to the realization that I REALLY love head shots! There is something about capturing a person and showing the world who they really are! It is fun and an amazing process! Here are some of my favorites from this past weekend!

These are also examples of my special! They were so much fun to shoot and I would love to hear what you think also!


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Special Time!

I am running my first official special! YAY! There will be an advertisement once I design it! OK so here it is:

Tired of school picture with cheesy backgrounds and high prices? Want your kids pictures to actually be cool this year? Have I got a deal for you! One 30 minute session for your family of up to five children, with 3 shot of each child on a keepsake disc to do as you please for the low, flat price of $25.00

Yep that's right! It was going to cost me $67.00 dollars to get my kids school pictures taken and I said no way am I paying that this year when I can do my own! Sure they still have to have the cheesy one for the yearbook, but at least the ones the hand out are awesome!

Here are my children and some examples of what you can get!

The Headshot:

The Chair:

(as you can see this has both of my children and can be substituted for any of the portraits offered-limit one per child)

Standing Tall:

And The Pose:

If you like what you see and want to take advantage of this offer you can contact me at 517-462-8829 or by email @ or on facebook and myspace (links at the top of the page) Remember offer expires September 30th 2009 so hurry and book your session!


Triple H...and not the Wrestler ;)

I want you to meet Haley, Harley, and Hilary

Haley, the oldest, has been friends with my daughter since they were babies; and I have known her parents, Chad and Stacey, for just as long. So when they decided the schedule a session with me I was really excited!

The girls were ready to get their pictures taken, especially Hilary (the youngest) who is now my new best friend!

Then, there was Harley. Sweet, little, I will not smile for my pictures Harley. She was so cute and very steadfast on her issue with smiling!

OH-WHAT'S THAT? A teeny, tiny smile just for me! Gotcha Harley =)

I think she must get the no-smile syndrome from her big sis, Haley! Who didn't want to smile either!

These girls were quite a challenge, but so much fun! I hope I get to have another session with them in the future! Thank you Chad and Stacey-you made my Saturday awesome!


Monday, September 14, 2009

Fun in the park

Recently, I had the chance to photograph these adorable little angels at play. Meet Mason, Addison, and Ashlynn-aren't they super cute? And what fun! We started off by playing in the park and watching out for all the wild animals that were hiding in the sand.

Then we just walked all over the place! There were so many great backgrounds, and these kids were so great about helping me get pictures! Of course, we had to swing! How can you go to the park and not swing?

I had such a fun time getting to know this family and I feel blessed every day for being able to meet and capture all the wonderful people I photograph! Thank you Amy and Todd for allowing me the great pleasure of photographing your beautiful children!


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Friday Fix it from i ♥ faces

Here is another Friday fix it sponsored by the wonderful ladies at the i ♥ faces blog. You know I love this because it gives me a chance to test my mad skillz (hee hee) and hopefully learn something new! This week I am learning CS3 (whew) and that is what I used to fix my pic. First I used curves, then the healing preset, the I enhanced the eyes and I used several actions from Pioneer Woman to make her seem angelic and tada! All I have to say is CS3 is my new bff! Here is the before:

and the after:

What do you think?


On my International Harvester

Here are my new friends Jolene and Tom Sikorski and their beautiful daughters again. At their first shoot, we were hoping to include their pretty puppy in the pictures...but who knew that dogs weren't allowed in some parks in Michigan? Come on, my dog is literally part of my family! She doesn't even know she is a dog!

So I promised Tom and Jo that I would come visit at their lovely house and get some pictures of the family-including dog. Well, while I was at it I had the honor of photographing Tom's cherry red Farm-All.

Before that though, I did get some shots of the family with their K9 companion that turned out really cute! Thanks again Tom and Jo-you guys are great!