Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Southern Moon

A couple weeks ago, yes I am that far behind on blogging, I had such a good time photographing a photographer friend'sof mine family from Kalamazoo. Her name is Mia Geer and her site can be found here.
Her family is the cutest and the location was so amazing! We held our session at Southern Exposure Herb Gardens and I loved it so much I decided to have my family portraits taken there also. Can't wait for those, but I am trying to hold out for the snow (please come soon.)

So here are my favorites from day spent with Mia and her family, also watch soon for the photos we will be posting from our photo walk we are planning in downtown Kalamazoo, MI in December-I can't wait! Thanks again Geer family and my thoughts and prayers are with you while Lance is away! Mia's husband, Lance, is being deployed to Afghanistan so let's keep our brave soldiers and their amazing families in our prayers and let them know they are never forgotten!

And here are some shots from around Southern Exposure

See more on the website by clicking here


Thursday, November 19, 2009

A day by the river

I had the chance recently to spend the day in Three Rivers, Michigan with an awesome family. Karen and James Tennant are such good people and their kids were great to photograph and very creative, I love how children see pictures everywhere! We walked almost the whole River Walk in downtown Three Rivers and it is such a beautiful spot to be in the fall! There was a little of everything to offer! The river, bridges, leaves and the woods, animals to pet, ducks and geese everywhere, and we passed a fellow who found a new friends in the wood and let us pet him.

Here are the rest of my favorites with this great family for more you can find their gallery at Believe Photography's main page or by clicking here!

Loved that spray painted heart!

How much fun is this? Thanks for the great idea guys!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Sisters are so much fun! These two little sisters were a blast to photograph and so much fun to play with! We started off in the park and they were such good sports, because it was cold, and they were sweet enough to play with no coats on!

There was the best bike trail in the park we were playing at so we decided to take a little walk down it to see what we could find. We found LEAVES! I love autumn and the fall colors and the girls were having fun playing with the leaves!

Then we went over to the lake where they have some really nice hiking trails and took another walk, it was so much fun! Thank you Jennifer, for letting have so much fun with Alivia & Alyson! I hope we get to do it again soon!


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Glamour Girls

I recently was asked to shoot some photos at a glamorous birthday party for Madi and a couple of her friends. It was so much fun and by the end of the party the girls were really in to it and I think they could have kept me going all day! Madi and her friends were fabulously fun to be around and were magnificent models to photograph! While I was at it I did a few of the family!

The party started inside with nails, makeup, hair, and wardrobe pampering the darlings while they ate cake and sipped on some delicious punch. After all the luxuries were bestowed upon them we got to business.

Madi is such a beautiful girl and was a real pleasure to shoot.

Her friends are equally as beautiful and flaunted it for the camera

Thank you Nicole for inviting me to such a special party for an amazing little girl! I hope you had as much fun as I did.

You can see more of these photos by going to www.believephoto.com and clicking on the galleries link.


Monday, November 2, 2009


I wanted to share with you some of my families pictures from our Halloween celebration. We carve pumpkins, scour the town for candy and share this fantastic holiday together-the main reason I love this time of the year!

We get our pumpkins and gourds from Swift Pumpkins here in Bronson every year.

Then we take them home and have our way with them! We usually free hand draw and then carve our pumpkins and this year they never saw fire because it was pretty nasty out after we carved them!

My daughter was so proud of her cute little pumpkin

then while her brother was concentrating on getting his finished

She finished her homework on the dining room floor. Our Lab Savannah supervised to make sure she was doing it right...or was just wondering why, if Caycia is on the floor, she isn't playing with her.

For Halloween my kids decided to be vampires and we all know that real vamps have black or white faces and never show their teeth to a human unless they are going to bite. It was fun and Caycia got to pretend she and Edward Cullen had a chance for one night.

I hope you enjoyed these memories as much as we enjoyed making them and a little advice: Never carve a gourd!